Abc Transporters In Microorganisms

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libro Abc Transporters In Microorganisms

This concise volume describes the latest, up-to-date theory, methodology, and applications of ABC transporters in microorganisms. The topics include the structure, physiology, and evolution of ABC transporters, as well as their special characteristics in specific microorganisms, including bacteria, yeast, trypanosomes, and malaria parasites. In particular, the book describes the most recent research and innovations relative to the role of ABC transporters in the design of strategies to circumvent drug resistance in microorganisms. Each chapter comprises an exhaustive review of the particular topic and provides insights into the future of the field, both from the scientific and clinical perspective. A skillful selection of topics and a panel of acknowledged experts ensure that this concise volume will be of exceptional importance to everyone involved in DNA superfamily research, as well as scientists interested in microbial physiology and multidrug resistance. It is essential reading for anyone involved in this field, and it is a recommended volume for all microbiology laboratories.

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