Lorca, Una Escritura En Trance

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libro Lorca, Una Escritura En Trance

Lorcas poetry is founded upon a complex symbolical system of recurring motifs. This book analyses a number of those motifs as poetic signs through a contextual reading of Libro de poemas (1921) and Diván del Tamarit (1940) as the initial and final stages of Lorcas career. The sexual and religious crisis voiced in Libro de poemas achieves poetic articulation through the sign of the star, while the betrayal of childhoods fairytale is evidenced in the sign of the moon. Diván del Tamarit exemplifies the trancelike writing of the poetry of opening up ones veins as an activity developing between the desire for a word that will capture plenitude and the words impenetrability to fix an impulse that, in itself, resists any determinacy.

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