Static And Dynamic Analyses Of Plates And Shells

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libro Static And Dynamic Analyses Of Plates And Shells

This book illustrates the element technology of plates and shells and compares and contrasts the behaviour of current plate and shell elements for thick and thin shell theories as well as for static and transient dynamic analyses. It also highlights the locking phenomenon experienced by most of the currently available elements and introduces a strategy for avoiding this phenomenon. In addition, the book provides the necessary benchmark tests for plate and shell elements. The book will be useful for undergraduates since all fundamental theories are included. It should also be useful for structural engineers in order to understand shell stress analyses. They would be particularly interested in the shear forces in plate and shell structures where most elements are seen to produce poor results. For postgraduates and researchers in this field, the book will be most helpful. Many research workers have been studying shell element technology for two decades. Consequently, plate and shell element design is still an active area. Two associated programmes are provided with the book. One is for static analysis and the other for dynamic analysis. The programmes can be compiled and run on either a mini or a mainframe computer via a terminal.

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