What Can I Do When It Rains? / ¿qué Puedo Hacer Cuando Llueve?

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libro What Can I Do When It Rains? / ¿qué Puedo Hacer Cuando Llueve?

Houghton Mifflin’s popular Good Beginnings series of board books introduces two new titles for 2004, each of them published in English-only and bilingual English-Spanish editions. Continuing the engaging series format, these delightful books answer the question in their title with words that have been selected by the editors of the American Heritage® Dictionaries for their familiarity and age-appropriateness. And as in the previous books, a whimsical menagerie of bears, pigs, dogs, and even a soccer-playing elephant brings the words to life in Pamela Zagarenski’s irresistible full-color drawings. In What Am I Playing? (¿Qué juego?), the answers include a range of sports and games, from outdoor ball games and playground activities to indoor pursuits such as puzzles and puppets. What Can I Do When It Rains? (¿Qué puedo hacer cuando llueve?) includes simple verb phrases, such as play with friends and jump in puddles, to answer its question, making this an excellent book to introduce even very young children to basic sentence structure.

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